Thursday, December 13, 2018

Week 14 Final

My most current iteration of this animation is this. sought to attempt to finish but as you can see it still doesn't have facial. However I do feel like I've come very far from where I've begun.

What needs to be done. More hands work. They're too stiff as is. And a basic facial animation.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Week 13 Refining Spline

I'm pretty proud of the work I did this week. In addition to lengthening holds from the last week's animation I also worked to get these elbows under control. One problem I was having when refining the spline was Captain America's Elbow controls. 
responsible for such classics such as the impossible elbow

The elbow control is a wild crazy control that makes my elbows go nuts when moving from one pose to another. While using the Euler filter can help, sometimes the 0 axis is crossed and I get a crazy elbow. My technique to try to keep it from getting wacky is to adjust the keys in the graph editor. It helps.

 My goals is to finish the facial part of the animation and just get really inbetween these poses.