Thursday, April 11, 2019

╰(•̀ 3 •́)━☆゚.*・。゚Finishing Venus and the Storyboard

This week I finished up work on sailor Venus and used the feedback to get my actual Maya cycle right.  I tried to get the camera of the shot from the show but I realized since my *special attack* is longer than the one from the show spinning the camera is more likely to give people whiplash from the crazy spinning. I did however like one of the camera movements I did where it shift focus to the hand.

So this is my final spline

and the final effects.

After I did that I got started revising my storyboard that I had been working on. Since I didn't mention it in the last blog this is a  rundown of what's going on.

Elena is a witch from a family of witches who isn't really all that good at magic. She comes back home with tons of equipment and attempts to self study magic and after trial, error, practice, and meltdowns she manages to summon a flame spirit to a candle she made. The flame is tiny but mischievous and manages to wreck havoc in her living room. Feeling that all hope is lost Elena looks on in frustration but is lead to a solution by the spirit of her (mother/grandmother, I never really reveal who is in the photo). In a panic state, she summons another spirit, shes done it before so shes faster and more confident this time, and summons a water spirit. The water chase the flame around the room. The flame having the time of its life absentmindedly runs into a jar (set up by Elena) and is captured successfully. We end on her holding the jar and looking on as the water spirit puts out the last of the fire. Fade out and return to the final image of Elena looking up ways to remove magical scorch marks as her two bottled element spirits are looking on.

 I couldn't get feedback from mark on Tuesday so I ended up sucking it up and asking some classmates to give me some. As they were looking through I realized I didn't fully explained the story [I got a little shy about it and kind of explained the gist of it but forgetting to mention somethings] The point of getting the feedback was to make sure that the pacing of it was alright. I noticed that the whole connection with her family and the book opening on its own wasn't read. Also one of them said to have her start with early (telekinesis magic) during the beginning.

Thursday I finally got a chance to talk to Mark and in the spirit of letting go, am going trimming some of the panels I think the I'm just about ready to start this project!

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