Thursday, April 4, 2019

╰(•̀ 3 •́)━☆゚.*・。゚Sailor Venus, New Project

This week I decided to finish only one of the two animations I started last week! I personally have been feeling a little burnt out doing game animations due to the workload of a another class.

So I worked on Sailor Venus's attack Wink Chain. Why you may ask, its because she is my favorite of all the scouts.

I went through a lot of iterations but I feel like I've got a way better handle on making these attack animations than I did at the beginning of the semester. I'm working on the animated background. I realized that I could reuse one part of the background from sailor Jupiter's if I just change the color. So I found out how to export specific compositions to use in other projects! However! I ended up spending some time just going through some of the simulation effectors that you can attach to the layers and found one that made bubbles. To be honest I'm not completely loving the original color scheme I was trying to keep with this one. I may be tweaking the colors more later on.

To finish this off I will be creating the chain for the attack which spirals around her in the original anime. Possibly will have that up next week.

I also will be starting a new project for senior portfolio that involves animating an storyboard I made over spring break. While I am still in the process of finishing the boards based on feedback I got before, I will be attempting to start creating that animation possibly in After Effects as well.

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