CAGD 545 Animation Post Production

Eportfolio 3

My team is working on getting the lights and rendering out our final shots. When testing the rendering I found that using the maya software really messed up our bear's texture so opting for the longer rendering of the Arnold.  Shot 1a is the only one I was able to fully render so far.

These are the rest of my shots 

Shot S1 1b

This one changed the a lot, it once included an overhead shot where the bear sighs. Through advice I decided to change it, which cuts some time for other shots and keeps the action moving. 

This part didn't change but I have changed how much of this scene is used.

This is another camera angle for this same scene. This was another suggested camera but I'm still on the fence about it.

I added a zoom in and move the camera slightly. Then got rid of the mom character. The dad's walk cycle had been really hard to deal with this semester because its at this weird angle. My favorite part is the excited kid though. 

Instead of finding the needle in the trash and sitting down and sewing himself up, was given advice to make this part quicker by just having himself do a quick dust off.

Eportfolio 2

Our team has been moving along decently and we were all assigned to work on second pass animations. I finished those for Scene 1 Shots a b and c and working on shot 2.

One problem I encountered was working on Shot 2 (where the bear looks on at the family which abandoned him) was the file got really big with all the assets I was using and the 4 rigs moving around. I made a decision to separate the animation in to separate scene files that can be composited together later. After I did this computer worked sang praise and I was able to scrub through animations again. 

After I finish Shot 2 Will be working on Second Pass animations for shots 1d and 1e and messing with the lighting for these scenes.

Eportfolio 1

For the Advanced Post Production class, I volunteered as lead. Duties mainly revolving around directing the team and being in charge of the trello board. So the first tasks our team did was to create block outs to emulate the same time frame that was set by the original storyboard. I definitely encouraged my team members to take some liberties with the framing of the scenes we see in the storyboard because all of the storyboard shots are in the same static camera.

My goal for the first sprint to finish our block out completely and then combine all the shots into a single clip that would show us how long our story would be in its entirity. I was assigned shots in the first thing.

One issue I had when I tried to work on this, was the Teddy Bear rig not working at home on my laptop. This set me back a lot because I couldn't do anything but pose the bear in one pose before it crashed (when I tried to scrub the timeline and key a new pose) My solution to this is to have to make time to go into the lab and do the work there.

These are my finished block out scenes and the next step will be to spline the Scene 1 Shots 1a, 1b and 1c.

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