CAGD 230 Digital Modeling

Game Scene

Week 6 - Final


Our Game scene is based off of buildings in Assassin's Creed Odyssey. As a relatively new game that most of two out of three members of our team did not own, we picked it because we were familiar with the franchise. We found most of our inspiration by scavenging both YouTube videos of lets plays, videos of game fly-throughs, and one particular art station featuring the work of a texture artist. We used a combination of Maya, Photoshop (sometimes Krita)and Unity to create our final game scene. Gathering reference didn't take long, and all three of us had a pretty good idea of what we were going to tackle. I took on the challenge of the largest house in the scene.

Blocking took about six hours in total and Uving took about eight hours, and Texturing was about four to five hours.

I liked my group as we had a good amount of communication. While everyone still worked at their own pace by end of dead week all our models were textured and ready to be imported into Unity.  

Week 5 


I've rearranged my UV layout a lot, but I finally got one down with minor tweaks here and there I've noticed. I started working on the textures for the Pillars and the Roof and Hope to have the textures for the building done and applied by this weekend so come next Monday we can import the objects into Unity. Another one of our group mates started using terrain tools in Unity with a our untextured objects as well.

Work in progress. Planning to add a design by possibly using a layer effect on the stone in the bottom right corner.

My texture map for the Roofs and Pillars map. I'm working with a texture I found of terracotta tiling to create my own but for now I'm using it to fill the roof so I can see if the textures will work in my scene.

I found a regular pieces of wood paneling with wood grain for the wood. The photo was high res so I used different portions of the wood to create my own for the crossbeams.

Week 4

The extending break I've just been working on the Uving. Thinking about how to lay them out so it all fits on the  two maps I'm allocated. So My plan of action to tackle this is to work on each storey and move them over as I make the UVs. So for the first storey the its like this.

When I finish UVing and laying out the levels of the building. I want to try to fit the entirety of the building on one map, and my second map being used for the smaller objects that decorate the yard of the building. 

all items uv'd 11/25

I'm still working on rearranging the UVS of the building. It's a little more challenging than I anticipated. I so far have all pieces that will be of the same texture grouped together such as walls or roof tops. It's not exactly fitting all in one square just yet but I expect to start the texturing processes as soon as this weekend 

Week 2

I finally finished working on the full size of the building, removing faces that won't be shown and making sure to keep the poly count as low as possible in case I'll need to create more objects. Right now I've used 618 out of my 5,000 total. I just plan to make a few miscellaneous objects such as pots for the decoration, but I am concerned that will jump the count up. 
I've started working on the Uvs of the first floor arbor. I'm just attempting to identify what will be used repeatedly and the best way to lay out the building in my UV maps.

Week 1

We began working on our game environment project! Out of the three available options my group, the tired club, have decided to model a scene inspired by Assassins Creed Odyssey. We first went looking for reference as none of the group has played this new game. The best place to find a variety of buildings in the game was to watch streams of game play and take stills of the video.  Then we stumbled upon the Art Station of a Ubisoft Texture Artist. 
Greek Houses - Vincent Derozier
Rich Houses - Vincent Derozier
Which had very high res images of textures and the scene it was used in. It was very helpful and cool to look at. So our game environment are going to involve one Rich House and two Regular Greek Houses. Jen also added a fortification to our scene.

 Since this is an Assassins Creed Inspired scene this will probably be the location of an infiltration mission or an assassination mission. So the character would be sneaking past the fortifications and then parkour-ing their way up to the location of the target. The following is a work in progress object list. I plan to model the house in red and the following object list will reflect that area's objects. 

Object  List

Rich House
- Building 2 floors
- RoofTop
- Cubed Column
- Thin Pilar
- Thick Pilar
- Outdoor Fabric Coverings

Living Room Scene - Week 4

I spent this final week of work UVing and Texturing, with a lot of this work being done on the weekend. The texturing took quite some time because I don't have Photoshop. I started with using gimp but found the program to be kind of backwards. While it has a lot of features of photoshop, the hot keys and locations of the tools were confusing and I found that I would have to do a lot of work over. I then moved to using the program Kirita, it was as slow process at first but as I figured out how to do things I began to get faster and faster. I'll probably be using Kirita from here on out. 

Because I ended up cutting out one object completely which was the Chest and in my final scene I rearranged the objects from the original placement. I did this because some of my larger objects ended up eclipsing other smaller objects. 

The following are some of my more challenging Uv's. While I did eventually figure out how to map them they're specific shapes while in the subdivided mode made the unfolding a bit more challenging. One object, the fireplace base and hood, was almost left with a basic shader but I ended up deciding to UV and the object is much more effective as a result.

Living Room Scene - Week 3

 I made a decent amount of progress as far as my objects goes. I did have to discard a few items from my list But I only have three more distinct objects planed. I also have some basic lighting going on in my scene.
Window Concept Art

This week I used this Boolean Tutorial to figure out how to create a circular window and second tutorial  to add a texture to the window that would be transparent but have a little embellishment. 

One of the problems I had was the transparency worked while working but during the render it shows the black of the alpha map. I'm still working on a solution for that actually.

I anticipate that I will be probably just Uving and Texturing. Some items won't really be needing UVing so I'm not anticipating anything too much trouble. I will be working on it during this weekend as well.  

Living Room Scene - Week 2 

The first thing I decided to create for my scene were a series of potions bottles. I created these objects in a new scene because I just thought it would be easier to deal with. I am heavily relying on Pinterest to find the kind of objects that would fit perfectly into this scene. As of right now they are not UVd, but I think once I do I will be able to create a bunch of types of potions and use witchy labels. 

Then this weekend I found this video about the loft tool and used to create a book cover. I thought it would be easier to create a separate objects for the cover and the pages and then UV them. The following is the video that gave me the idea to create the book cover.

This is my final product.

Then finally I modeled the table, I'm also planning on using the table top as the wall shelving.

Living Room Scene - Week 1 - Concept and Block Out

I decided for my living room scene to do a Wizards living room.
Wizards Living Room
I found this image while browsing Pinterest, which is an illustration by artist Julia Blattman, which was posted originally on her Art Station. I just like the use of the colors and small space to create an environment that looks cozy and well-used by whoever owned this little place. I love fantasy settings when brainstorming ideas about how I wanted the living room to look, I immediately thought of a witches workspace. This room is pretty cluttered and has a lot of detail and I will be doing something a little more basic than this, but I do want to try to imitate the lighting. 

So this is my idea for a blockout.
My item list is so far: 
  • Easy Chair
  • Love Seat
  • Hearth
  • End Table
  • Chest
  • Bookshelf
  • Table
  • Wall Shelves
  • Books
  • Misc Bottles 
  • Candles
  • Broom Stand
  • Crystal Ball
  • Window
  • Door



This was by far the most challenging assignment to work on and finish. While most of the other ones I finished in class or by midweek before the due date, This one took me the longest to finish. I was very burnt out from working on other classes then the Animation Jam. So all of my work had to be done on the Sunday. 

One problem I had was the Uvs I created on a single object the Coffee Cake box, refused to show up in its entirety both when I created the texture and linked the image to if and when I rendered it. It was the only thing I couldn't figure out how to do. Unfortunately time was not on my side so I ended up rotating the side that did show up, and adjusting it in the final renders. 

All the work I did I am pretty proud of. This is just more improvement in just six weeks than I have ever had in regards to modeling, creating objects, texturing them, and creating nice looking final renders in all of my experience working in Maya. This assignment marks the end of the shorter, week-long projects we'll be doing in this class so I can only imagine what challenges I have left for the rest of the semester.


Pudding & Pasta


These objects while pretty simple had a lot of step to them. This project took me the longest by far because of these extra steps. Especially with the glass jar creating a sauce object and using a second material on the jar itself. I'm a newbie to UVing so the unfolding of the box was another thing that took me some time to understand and do.


Wine bottle


While I am familiar with the use of curve tools and revolving to create a glass shape, I have never really fiddled with the texturing using just the Maya interface before. And of course I haven't really had any experience with UVing at all. It was all pretty new to me and I really liked the outcome of this assignment.

Table & Chair


I am very proud of this one because of the textures I managed to put onto both the chair and the table. I really enjoy the game Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and that was the look I was going for. I think for the most part I got it. The chair was a little challenging to do because of the all the pieces I used to create it. I also played with soft select to widen the back support part of the chair at top.




For our second assignment we followed along a series of tutorials to model and UV a dry erase marker. I found the tutorial pretty easy and was able to finish the entirety of the project in class. As far as modeling goes I only have experience creating objects but even then It has been a few years since I last had any attempts at it.



Our very first assignment in 230 had a lot of creativity involved in regards to how we could go about it. My inspiration came off of some images I found on Pintrest. The scene is a combination of these three drawings.

 The only limit was that we should not adjust anything of the primitive other than the scale, rotation, and translation of the primitive.  Above is my final render which was still pretty dark, I also couldn't figure out how to make the lights work well in my final render. I did however figure out how to make the texture give off light itself! I was very happy to discover it while messing around in the attribute editor.

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