CAGD 345 - Animation Pre Production

Story Project 1
For this assignment, I was told to come up with a story idea and carry it through several stages of preproduction to an animatic. 

 My story is called Panaderia de Lupe, a story surrounded the rivalry of two types of sweet bread (pan dulce), who races each other to find out which is the best pan dulce.

This is my first stage in the assignment, which features the title, logline, story beats, and story plot summary. I after I figured out who i was writing about and what was going to happen, i found this part a challenging, because i had to limit saying too much in the plot summary.

Character Pose sheet for the Pan Dulce, Concha. Conchas are spongy bread with sugar on top that are in spiral or shell patterns.

This is the script for my story. I used a free online program that formats the script as you write it called Celtx.


 Creating the storyboard of Panaderia was very straightforward, because in the early parts of the assignment we had to figure out the beats of the story, so it made deciding what to draw easy. In the beginning I was drawing every piece of bread with dark outlines, but in the end decided to not use them at all, it made for quicker drawing, and less for me to correct. When I was pitching the storyboard I ended up adding more to the end, because of a suggestion that was made to me. I added that suggestion to the animatic and the storyboard, and noted it in the revised script.

The animatic of the story. I didn't have any trouble making the animatic and deciding the sounds, I have a few years experience using premiere pro, and this part was easy and fun. Although I did have some technical issues. Its better to use the program with a mouse, instead of a laptop track pad, but my mouse would not grab hold items and i was having trouble just dragging items to the sequence. I ended up using the wacom tablet as the mouse which worked, but was not ideal.

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